Does anyone know what happened to the summer? I’m having a hard time believing that fall is just around the corner…

In case you were worried: we’re alive! We went to the Carolinas at the end of August/beginning of September, and have had a busy stretch since then. BUT I’m posting now, and I’m promising you, my faithful readers (are there any left?), that I will post again, very soon, with many more photos and lots of stories.

3 thoughts on “September

  1. Glad to hear you’re still alive:) Nice job on the digiscrap page!

  2. Yes there are still some readers of your blog! You do an awesome job, just like you are an awesome Mom. Have a great day.
    Love Aunt Ev

  3. hello there, glad to hear that you had a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing new photos of your handsome boys! Love your digi scrapbook so far. Post some more, it’s so neat to see the creations you have made. How long does each page take you?

    Are you still making a hard copy scrapbook with real paper or do you print what you have created and add it to a scrapbook?

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