I promised you some pictures, so here you go! =)

We had a wonderful, friend-filled Canada Day weekend this year. We spent the Saturday at my parents’ house (they were gone) with friends Amy and Colin and Dave and Karen (and their daughter, Anneka). It was nice to just chill outside by the pool and watch a movie in the evening. Colin took some amazing pictures that day. Oh, expensive digital SLR camera, soon I will be able to afford you…(I hope!)

Dave showing Judah a toad.

Judah hamming it up for Colin’s camera.

I love these pictures of Asher.

We had some family time on Sunday of the long weekend, and then on Monday, went to Brampton to visit Rob’s childhood friend Bob, his girlfriend, Dawn, and their daughter, Victoria. We took the kids to Chingouacousy Park, had a barbeque in the evening, and then took the kids out for a walk to the playground. It was a nice family day.

Judah on daddy’s shoulders at the petting zoo.

cautious about the petting zoo

Rob, Judah, Victoria, and Bob

Both Judah and Asher started swimming lessons at the beginning of July. Judah has taken them before, but we want to build his confidence, because he was quite afraid of the water before the lessons started this time around. Asher enjoys the water most days, but sometimes gets hungry during lessons and then doesn’t want to have anything to do with it!

He’s not smiling in these pictures, but he really does seem to enjoy the lessons!

This may gross you out, but we thought it was hilarious, so I’m going to share it anyway. A few weeks ago, Rob went into Judah’s room to check on him before we went to bed, as he usually does. He noticed that Judah was sweating (which is common for him), and moved him over a little bit. Well, he had been sweating a LOT…check out this profile that he left. ALL sweat.

Isn’t that bizarre?

At the beginning of July, Julie came over to my mom’s place with Micah so that we could swim and just hang out. Micah and Judah were splashing away in the kiddie pool, and got each other all wound up. Micah was screeching loudly, but then he got upset when he heard Judah doing the same thing, so we had to take him out of the pool. Silly guys!

splashin’ cousins =) this is before Micah got upset!

Now for some random pictures…

my big sweetie is growing up so quickly!

Daddy with Asher


soaking up the warmth on a beautiful summer day

Asher is such a smiley guy. We feel so blessed to see how far he has come since birth!
He loves to sit in his Bumbo chair.

chillin’ together in their chairs

Judah drew this picture of a tree! I thought it was pretty impressive!

the artist at work

blowing bubbles with Uncle Dan

Asher loves to watch his brother play. Judah can get him to laugh so easily!
I will try to post a video of this.

hi, mom!

silly boy

more cuteness

i also have a whole whack of pictures from our camping trip at the Pinery in July. i will post those separately!

4 thoughts on “July

  1. Those are a lot of great pics! I especially LOVED the really good ones of Judah and Asher up top! +-D

  2. Wow, thanks for the update and pics, Karen! The kids look great. That pics of Judah’s “sweat profile” made me laugh out loud! And way to go for spelling Chingouacousy right – that’s a tough one LOL.

  3. I think the pictures are GREAT! Wow can Judah ever sweat! Your kids are so precious, never ceases to amaze me…you are doing a awesome job.
    Love you all!
    Aunt Ev and Uncle Al

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