what happened to July?

I can’t believe it’s already August!! I apologize (once again!) for the recent post shortage. I know I always talk about how busy we are, but it’s the truth…and July was an exceptionally busy month. The second week of the month was VBS, the week after that was packing for camping, and last week was family camping (Breimer side) at the Pinery. This week has been unpacking from camping (I am SO sick of doing laundry! The Pinery was VERY dirty!) and re-packing for my trip with the kids to Dorcas camp (basically, a scrapbooking/sewing/crafts/Bible study getaway for women) next week. See what I mean? Busy. But that is a blessing. Our lives are full, and for that, we thank the Lord!

We are doing well. The kids are great, as usual. Asher seems to be teething (he drools CONSTANTLY!), but the teeth are taking their sweet time coming in. Judah teethed from about 4 months until over 2 years. I really hope Asher doesn’t follow his lead! Asher is a real chunkster now. I last had him weighed three weeks ago, and he was 15 lbs 5 oz with clothing. I’m guessing he’s around 16 lbs by now. Developmentally, he’s doing great, too. He’s SO close to sitting on his own. He can do it, and will for brief periods of time, but he doubts his own abilities so usually either tips over sideways or lets himself fall back. He is getting very strong, though. He spent a better part of this afternoon falling back onto the boppy pillow and then pulling himself back up to a sitting position, all on his own! He was also trying to crawl today; he was getting pretty frustrated that he couldn’t move very fast. He manages to shimmy himself forward in a very slow creep (we’re talking a couple millimetres per minute!), but apparently that wasn’t good enough. He was shrieking away because he wanted to move so badly!

He still adores his big brother Judah. Judah can simply look in his direction, and Asher will beam or start giggling. It’s amazing! And Judah is so amazing with him. He can make Asher laugh like no-one else can! It’s great for all of us, because Asher gets entertained, Judah loves the attention, and Rob and I have a stand-in babysitter for those moments when we can’t get to Asher right away. If their current relationship is any predictor, I think my boys will be very close. I really hope they stay that way.

Judah is growing up so much; I can hardly believe it! He loves to have conversations with us about anything and everything. He is SO curious! He asks many questions; his favourite at the moment is “what does a ____ say?”, which he asks not just about animals and vehicles, but about random things like chips or trees. “Um…crunch?” We’re waiting apprehensively for the inevitable “why” stage. He is growing physically, too. He grown quite tall in the past couple of months. “EEE small, mommy!” is what he tells me about the clothes he is outgrowing.

I am working on pictures for this post, but it takes so darn long, and I can’t finish right now (and, since I’m a perfectionist, I won’t post the pictures and their stories until they are complete…). I’ll leave you with a quick family picture for tonight, but will update this post with pictures (and the stories that go along with them) in the next day or two.

2 thoughts on “what happened to July?

  1. Hi Karen and Rob! Great to see the really nice family pic…a little hard to see Asher but hey that is a baby for you, he will be a ham for the camera before you know it. You all look GREAT! Glad you are enjoying your summer…it goes by too quickly. Love you all lots.
    Aunt Ev

  2. Great family pic! Kare you hot mama!!!Miss you guys! Love you lots!

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