Rebecca and Ethan

Our friend Rebecca came over with her son, Ethan, on Thursday. We went for a walk with the kids and then came back to my place to eat lunch. It was nice to visit with her again and to meet little Ethan for the first time. There are a few more pictures (albeit quite similar to the ones below!) on Rebecca’s blog.

Ethan and Judah…

Ethan and Asher…

Ethan was born 5 days after Asher, but Ethan was born at term (on his due date, in fact!), so we were curious to see how the two compared in size. As you can see in the pictures, Asher is about as chubby as Ethan, but not quite as tall. Asher definitely still looks younger and has not hit all the same milestones as Ethan, but that’s because his corrected age is only four months. Nonetheless, it was neat to compare. Notice the colour difference? Asher is naturally darker-skinned, and Ethan is quite fair, so it was funny to see them beside eachother.

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