my new addiction….

…digital scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements 5.0 (a new toy that Rob let me buy after several months of me asking him every time we saw it at Costco!) What do you think?
Making these layouts is so much fun! I love learning new techniques and experimenting with different layers and elements. I’m definitely still learning, though. I’m thinking of downloading a trial of Photoshop CS3, which is a much more advanced program, but am afraid I’ll get hooked…and don’t want to fork over the $500 (isn’t that crazy?!?!) that the program costs.
My love for photography also continues to grow. We would love to buy a digital SLR one of these days. Alas, nice cameras cost big money, too…

One thought on “my new addiction….

  1. Wow I love all the pictures! Thanks for updating. The babies are so cue together…Asher does look smaller but that makes sense due to his prematurity…but he looks so healthy and that is what really matters.
    The Photoshop elements 5.0 is really cool…I like the nice frames.
    All the rest of the pictures are great also…your kids are SO CUTE!
    Love you lots,
    Aunt Ev

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