a whole lot of pictures!

i realized that i’ve hardly posted any pictures in the past month; uploading always takes so long, and there are so many cute pictures that it takes me forever to decide which ones to post! anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the past two months for you to enjoy. pics of the week will be back as soon as i get a little more time on the computer (probably after Rachel’s wedding!)

Judah playing on the Macbook we had as a loaner while our computer was being fixed. I really wish we could have kept it (*sigh…maybe one day!)

Asher sleeping on his daddy

my two cuties

the bib says it all! (his lips are orange from taking vitamins, if you’re wondering!)

with Auntie Ev and Uncle Albert when we visited for Auntie Rachel’s shower in March.

Grandmama (Great Grandma) Breimer

big brother

little brother

these pictures were all taken on that beautiful day we had back in March.

what a sweetie

Judah is my big helper. He helps me unload the dishwasher in the mornings.

another cuddle with daddy…he must be comfortable!

We spent Easter Sunday at my (Karen’s) parents’ house. My mom put some bunny stickers around the house for Judah to find, and bought him a cute pair of Diego sunglasses.

big eyes

happy boy

who’s that cutie? (notice the freshly-painted walls in the background?)

hi, mommy!

Asher is starting to sit much better in his Bumbo chair.

5 thoughts on “a whole lot of pictures!

  1. Thanks for posting all these pics, Karen! Your boys are looking so cute. It’s so nice to see Asher’s smile!

  2. Hey Karen;
    Rachel cried for a minute when we got her ears pierced, but as soon as we walked out of there she was back to her nosy self looking at everything around her. Distraction is key with that baby:)

  3. Kare – these pictures are adorable! thanks for posting them! I like your comments about the baptism photos ;). I seriously think I need some pictures with those boys again when I come home – they are lacking pictures with their Aunt Rachel! 🙂 Love you guys. See you soon!

  4. Hi Karen and Rob: Your children are so beautiful…when I was holding Asher I thought how perfect he looks. So many blessings…focus on those blessings. You are both GREAT parents. It was great seeing you all. Love you lots, Aunt Ev

  5. The MacBook is nice, but not nearly as cute as your adorable little boys!

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