another busy week

I’ve been meaning to update all week, but once again the time flew by! I just wanted to share some pictures of Asher’s baptism, which took place this past Sunday, the 15th of April. After his rough start in this world, we were so thankful to be able to bring him before the Lord and to commit to raising him, as best as we can, to love and serve our Saviour. The service was beautiful, and we enjoyed soup and buns with family and friends afterwards.

what a smile!

these pictures of Judah and Asher together crack me up…the first one is really cute, but Asher has a giant drip of drool hanging precariously from his chin, and it makes his chin look pointy and…weird. the second one is a great picture of Asher, but I’m quite sure Judah’s thinking something like “Mommy, posing for pictures with your little brother is against the two-year-old’s code of conduct! You had better not show my friends this picture!”

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