3 thoughts on “my kids are cute

  1. Your kids ARE cute!!! Those smiles from Asher are adorable. I’m glad to hear your family is doing well, especially Asher. Almost 10 pounds!! It took my kids 6 months to get to 10lbs! He is looking so healthy. I’ll have to arrange to come pick up those clothes sometime soon. I don’t have anyone waiting for them at the moment, so it is no rush. To answer your question on my blog – I’m feeling sick only at night, same as last time. But I’m on diclectin and I know how to better manage it this time around so its not too bad. Things are going well here, although they caught a wicked cold 3+ weeks ago that is lingering… I don’t hear anything in their chests though so hopefully no RSV. Well, have a great day!

  2. Your kids are so adorable! I love Asher’s smile. He is going to be a heartbreaker like his older brother!

  3. Hey, Dylan has the same hat as Judah! Very cute pics, by the way.

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