almost 4 months old…

…and almost 10 lbs! Asher had his 4-month appointment at the family doctor today. He now weighs 9 lbs 10 oz; he has nearly tripled his birth weight in four months! As per our visit with his pediatrician a few weeks ago, we’ve taken him off all of his reflux medications. So it was pretty messy around here for a couple of weeks (you would not believe the amount of spit-up that can come out of this boy), but it seems to be getting better each day. He is also starting to stretch out some of his feeds during the day, which is nice for me. Nursing every two hours or less doesn’t leave much room for other activities (such as housecleaning!) once you factor in actual time spent feeding, diaper changes (for two), and trying to entertain/feed/put to bed an active two-year-old! The less-frequent feedings definitely give me a little more time to breathe! Thankfully, he does quite well at night. Most nights, he has at least one 4 or 5 hour stretch. He has gone as long as 7 hours!

Big brother Judah is doing great. He had a bit of a fall a couple weeks ago, so we had to make a trip to the ER. He only fell down two steps, but caught his head on the post on the bottom stair and got a big gash in his forehead. Fortunately, it didn’t need stitches. They just glued it and put some steri-strips on. It’s pink right now, and he probably will have a bit of a scar, but we’re told it will fade significantly over time. Other than that, things are pretty uneventful. He’s learning letters, numbers, and colours, and he’s talking up a storm. Except, of course, when he’s around people he doesn’t know. Then, he whispers to me, “I shy, mommy…I shy…” What a guy!

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  1. Hi Karen & Rob
    So glad to hear that Asher is growing strong and things are going well with your family. What a beautiful blessed family you have. All the best,
    Heather Hewitt

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