this little piggy…

Asher had a check-up at the family doctor yesterday. The last time he was weighed was Thursday, February 22, when he would have been 40 weeks (his due date was somewhere between the 21st and 23rd), and he weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. At yesterday’s appointment, he weighed 6 lbs 14 oz!!!! That means he gained over a pound in a week and a half! Talk about a growth spurt! I had a feeling this may have been the case, since he has been nursing every hour to two hours for the past four or five days, but I was still surprised at how much he had gained! He’s really getting big now! He’s totally filling out and looks so healthy! Praise the Lord for that!

i apologize for not posting much recently. i was very busy – first with Judah’s birthday party and then we were gone for a few days last week for my grandfather’s funeral.

so, will a bunch of really cute pictures make up for the lack of posts recently? i hope so…

so handsome!

Asher is really starting to take in his surroundings.

totally filling out! he’s got chub on his cheeks, his tummy, and even on his thighs!

big yawn! (notice the double chin?!)

he is not quite strong enough for his Bumbo chair, but he looks awfully cute!

6 thoughts on “this little piggy…

  1. Asher is getting so big!! I love the picture him in the Bumbo chair:) Soooo cute!

  2. HOORAY Another Pound! Way to go Asher! Karen, we are so glad we were able to come by and celebrate Judah’s birthday. Thanks again for having us.
    Love the picture of Asher in the chair, he still looks soo little!

  3. Awesome news on the weight gain for Asher. You are doing a GREAT job and you have many blessings in your life!
    Love Aunt Ev

  4. You have such a cute family and I LOVE the boys names!! My babies name is Judah too!! I will store away the name Asher for potential future use too! It’s just SO cool!!

  5. jessica – i was just looking at your blog, and see that your Judah came four and a half weeks early. My Judah was four weeks early…how strange!

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