busy boy

i’ve been watching mommy lots lately, so i’ve learned how to work the computer all by myself. aren’t i a genius?

mommy and i have been so busy lately. on the days that it’s not SO hot, mommy has been taking me for nice long walks in the stroller, which i LOVE! on the yucky hot days, we have been going for walks in the mall or swimming at grandma’s house! mommy brought me to the nursing room at the mall yesterday, and we found out that i weigh 14 lbs 13 oz. mommy says that now i am three times my birth weight, whatever that means. all i know is that i really love to eat!

i have also been busy practicing sitting up lately. i still need a little bit of help from mommy or my cool bumbo chair, though. I have also been trying to stand, just like mommy and daddy do. mommy keeps telling me i’m too little, but i know that i can do it, because i’m a big boy.

anyway, mommy thinks i’m asleep in my crib right now, so i better get back before she catches me.

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