40 days to go …

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40 days to go … (IF i go full term…)

things are looking better and better around here! it’s nice to have some order again! my mom and dad came over this afternoon and helped me organize and started painting the front entrance. it looks great!

sadly, however, i won’t be living at the house for the next few weeks. since i’m working in brampton until the end of february, i’ll be living at rob’s parents’ house during the week. so rob and i have three more weeks of being separated. i can’t wait until this living apart is over!

i took one picture of the baby’s new crib, and was planning on taking some pictures of the rest of the house, when the batteries on the camera decided to die. one is better than none … so here is one picture for now:

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2 thoughts on “40 days to go …

  1. Hey Rob and Karen, I am sure that the time will fly by, and I do like where you put the crib with the winnie the pooh and gang on the wall

  2. i have no doubt the time will fly! it’s going very quickly already! and who knows how early this baby might decide to show up…

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