it is my (karen’s) second day staying home from work with a BRUTAL cold – chest, head, everything…no fun! the only thing i’m allowed to take is tylenol, which doesn’t help much when all you want is to be able to breathe! i went to the doctor this afternoon, and she wants me to off work until at least monday, so that i can rest. what a great weekend for us to be moving into our new house (just a hint of sarcasm …). i’m going to have to make myself rest instead of pack and clean. likely. after sleeping and spending most of the day in bed yesterday, i went stir crazy and started cleaning the kitchen. by the time rob came home for prenatal class, i was completely zonked. i had my “outing” to the doctor today, and i get to swing by work to bring in the doctor’s note, but that’s it for my activities. i guess i should count my blessings, though: the staying home and doing nothing part wouldn’t be so bad if i weren’t feeling so lousy!

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  1. i hope you feel better soon – sorry i missed you earlier. Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

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