Please watch this amazing video about how God has been moving in Haiti. I just heard about this yesterday at the Coffee Break group I attend… By now, you’ve probably found out that I enjoy mak... Read More


Nathan had his first taste of solid food yesterday! The menu?  Pureed avocado mixed with breastmilk. The picture from the middle left of the above collage definitely needs to be posted in full size: ... Read More

sweet baby boy

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I just wanted to share this pic before I go to bed.  I love it! **a long update post is in the works – I’m just waiting on some pictures to upload**... Read More

Nathan is home!!

Our family is finally together under one roof!  We are so thankful and excited to finally have our precious boy at home! He was discharged this afternoon (we had to wait for hours for the doctor to c... Read More


If all goes well, Nathan will be coming home tomorrow! He has been gaining weight pretty consistently over the past few days, so they put him in a Care-by-Parent room with me as of yesterday evening. ... Read More


We ended up trying a bottle at the 3 pm feed today.  I had chosen 3 pm because Nathan is usually quite alert at that time.  Not today.  We used an Avent bottle with a newborn nipple, and he choked ... Read More

Decision time

It’s come down to this: If we want Nathan home before Christmas, we’ll probably have to introduce a bottle (with fortified breastmilk, not formula) once or twice a day.  The day of my las... Read More


2075 grams, that is.  Or 4 lbs 9 oz in English. For four stinkin’ nights in a row, that has been Nathan’s weight.  What are the chances of his weight remaining exactly the same for three... Read More

quick update

I am staying at the hospital for a while longer.  There is a lot going on with Nathan, and I feel like I need to be here.  I just finished some lunch and wanted to give an update. Nathan’s blo... Read More